English literary journals provide the perfect platform of information and intellectual interaction about the goings-on in the world of literary theory and culture. They provide excellent opportunity to young researchers to get their ideas published and get valuable peer-reviews on the same; while for the general reader these journals are the perfect inroads to the contemporary works on literature and literary culture. Most significantly; English literary journals offer a platform for intellectual exchange and exposure. Getting to know the important people researching or writing on one’s area of interest often helps in developing a society of like-minded writers and researchers.
English literary journals go back a long time in history to their growth from the magazine and periodical culture in late nineteenth century. From a general and popular parameter of writing and readership, journals became more academic with the growth of universities and a standardized academic culture. English literary journals today carry and propose a prestige in the world of scholars and students alike and almost all major universities in the world today have the affiliated departments publishing journals from respective university press or an affiliated publishing house. Thus the English departments of universities; under an editorial board comprising members of faculty and researchers, form and maintain literary journals corresponding to various areas of interest. Thus one could have several journals produced and published by one English Department of a major university where different members of the faculty and research body correspond to different journal themes and thrust areas. Renaissance Studies, Victorian Studies, Twentieth Century Literature and Postmodern Literary Theory are generally the more popular and active themes in English literary journals although it is quite common to see niche areas of research such as Old Norse Sagas and Old English Poetry widely published and circulated in journals that strictly cater to such study.
Literary journals in English are also formed and maintained by private bodies and organizations whereupon literary authors, critics and reviewers come together and form a team of editors and contributors under the patronage and sponsorship of major publishing houses and literary bodies. Depending on the publishing house affiliated to it, each journal maintains and corresponds to a particular style in citation and referencing and contributors are advised by editors to follow the same in their articles and essays. Most literary journals include works of fiction, poetry as well as reviews alongside critical essays and articles and it is a delight to find a paper on Shakespeare’s sonnets along with an original work of a promising or established poet of the day.
Literary journals often act as sister bodies to major conferences and literary festivals whereby the works presented by leading scholars and writers at the conference are selected through an editorial process and compiled for publication under the rubric of the theme of the conference. In the present world of academia faced with funding cuts in humanities, interdisciplinary studies form a major thrust area of leading university departments. English literary journals thus often incorporate the texture of culture-studies and it is quite common now to find cutting-edge ideas on postmodern and post-colonial cultural conditions published in the form of papers in English literary journals along with works on purely literary issues and ideas. New areas of study such as Medical Humanities have begun to emerge in the wake of such academic trends and have found many literary journals to support and publicize them. Thus papers and articles on strictly literary figures and novels may co-exist with demographic, feminist and labor issues inflected through literary texts. The editorial boards of major English literary journals emphasize on cross-cultural cross-disciplinary themes and encourage prospective contributors to do the same in order to make their journals more interesting, contemporary and committed to the cultural phenomena of the day. Such academic journals have varying subscription rules but are often free and are easily available in all leading libraries.
Although most literary journals are published and circulated in book form, there is this evolving trend of online journals today that is fast becoming a new order of academic publication. While there are still some misgivings about the authenticity and merit of online journals regarding the issues of editorial purity and adherence to an acceptable typographic style, it is an unavoidable and often welcome appendage to the culture of literary journals in a world that promotes environmental concerns in saving paper as well as fast circulation on the internet. It is an obvious fact that an online journal would be much easily accessible to the general reader upon opening an account in the relevant website without having to rely on any institutional affiliation or postal service. With the easy availability of online payment options through debit or credit cards, subscription could also be maintained on an instantaneous basis. Online versions are particularly common and popular among Postgraduate Journals which often have to adopt a more cost-effective method for their maintenance and circulation.
English literary journals offer a fascinating world of academic research and cultural study; along with glimpses of new works of literature that often go on to become path-breaking in posterity. With their dynamic exchanges and dialogues, journals form a major part of modern academic and literary culture of today.

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Tips to Choose Reliable Milwaukee Mortgage Lenders

Since buying a home is an expensive proposition you need to take a mortgage loan to cover the cost of the purchase. In order to get necessary finance you have to turn to a reliable mortgage lender. Finding a lender for home financing is not very difficult but it is certainly a daunting task. There are thousands of Milwaukee mortgage lenders; each lender promises to offer the best deal. In such a scenario choosing the right lender is not very easy. Still you can pick an ideal lender for taking a mortgage loan by following these handy tips.

Prepare your list of mortgage lenders

Making a list of lenders in and around your locality is the first and foremost step in locating a reliable mortgage lender. Explore all venues and options to enlist well known lenders that are popular for rendering mortgage packages at reasonable rates of interest with better repayment terms. Inquire with folks in your touch and seek assistance from your colleagues and co-workers to find mortgage lenders. Those who have taken mortgage loans might assist you in selecting the right lender. In addition to this surf local directories and online sources to spot reliable lenders.

Read customer testimonials

Once you have a list of Milwaukee mortgage lenders go online and read reviews posted by folks who have taken loans from these lenders. Be sure to explore reputed review sites to read real time views and comment posted by real customers. This will let you know the legitimacy and authenticity of mortgage lenders in consideration. Trim down your list of mortgage lenders based on views and feedback on review sites. Now contact legitimate lenders that are highly suggested on review sites. Collect details from these lenders about their services and ask for references and customer testimonials. Contact their previous clients and find out their level of satisfaction about working with these lenders.

Read the terms of mortgage packages

The terms and conditions of each lender vary greatly with respect to repayment installments fines for late installments as well as rates of interest on mortgage loans. So make sure to go through the terms of mortgage loans of each lender. Find out any hidden clause in the mortgage agreement which might cost you dearly. Similarly get familiar with others terms of mortgage deal such as the size and number of repayment installments time of repayment life of the mortgage and other conditions. Ask suitable questions pertaining to the mortgage with each lender which you think necessary. Apart from this clear any doubt you find in the mortgage agreement. All these inspections will ascertain that you will be charged reasonably while taking out a mortgage loan.

Compare different lenders

After reading the fine print of different Milwaukee mortgage lenders compare their mortgage rates terms of repayment time of repayment as well as the size of each installment. Finally commit to the lender who ensures a better mortgage package with low interest and easy repayment terms. Locating a reliable lender for taking a mortgage loan can be very difficult. Luckily you can pick the right lender if you consider these handy tips and shop accordingly.

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Milan – How Expensive Is It Really?

Milan is a popular city for the well to do and the rich.  It is full of successful business people and designer labels, and you are likely to think that the prices here are quite high.  It is true that Milan can be quite an expensive place to travel to.  If you are used to living in a more low key area, or if you usually take a vacation on a budget, then some of the costs in Milan may be higher than you would usually expect to pay, but then again, the quality of the products and services that you will receive greatly reflect this too.


Accommodation costs are probably higher than you will be used to.  Milan is a much sought after place to live and stay in.  If you shop around and look for last minute deals, then you can make some good savings on your Milan accommodation.  In Northern Milan, you will find the best western hotel Milton, which is a lovely 4 star hotel.  This hotel is likely to cost you about £60 per night, or about $100 per night.  This is an excellent hotel with the best of the modern luxuries including free WiFi for the duration of your stay.  With prices like this, and cheaper in other Milan hotels such as the Idea hotel minalo lorenteggo, you will not be disappointed with the cost of a hotel.  Of course, there are many hostels around Milan, which are cheaper still, and for some privacy, you will find that the Apartment in Milan is at around the same cost to rent as hostel Brussels or rooms in Paris.


If you do decide to book a hotel that is located a little outside of Milan, then you should make sure that you would be able to get to where you want to get to within Milan itself.  This is usually simple if you use the public transport routes, but be careful that you don’t need to get a taxi, because in Milan taxi services are very expensive.  You should also make sure that if you do need to get a taxi that you can either speak Italian, or that the driver can speak enough English to understand where you wish to get to, as there are many taxi drivers in Milan who don’t speak fluent enough English to have a conversation with you about where you wish to get to.


Dining out can be about 20% more expensive than dining out in other cities in Italy such as Rome.  Again, you get what you pay for.  The restaurants in Milan are of world-class quality, and you can find some of the best food in Italy around this lovely city.


Dubbed as the fashion capital, it is not surprising that many of the clothing stores that you will find in Milan feature designer brands.  Unless you feel that you need to have the very latest in designer wear, it can be a better idea to wait for the clothing to be released online or on your high street at home because shopping in Milan can be very expensive.

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Dr. Oz Superfruit Diet

The name Dr Oz is becoming a house hold name for his reviews of products that purport health claims. In particular lately he has had a huge impact on one diet in particularly called the super fruit diet. Key components of this weight loss formula includes natural supplements Green coffee bean extract and Raspberry ketone. Dr Oz has a great deal to do with the success of this formula as he voiced his approval of its all natural products and their effectiveness. Dr. Oz has has his own show which has become very popular and many consider him to be an expert, they take his recommendation to heart. Dr Oz is a household name today and he talks about a lot of different products for promoting health, in particular the miracle weight loss formula called the superfruit diet. He has raved it as being just that a super weight loss product. The question needs to be asked is, is this just hype, is he getting something out of it or are all the claims justified. The day time television crowd in particularly seems to hail Dr. Oz’s recommendations as concrete and have been in large part responsible for a lot of the superfruit’s formula’s success.
Dr. Oz seems to be very good at marketing and promotion as well as being and an authority on health products. He has been the discussion of many news TV shows and this is the very questions asked him. The name Dr. Oz sales, and product promoters know this; an example of this is that a well known publication that ran his feature jumped their sales by 45%.
A fact is that Dr. Oz does not receive money for endorsing products and in particularly he has not received monetary compensation for his superfruit reviews and comments. It did however jump his show ratings and promoted him in that way.
On closer inspection there seems to be some real merit to these products that Dr. Oz promotes. The super fruit formula with African mango in it was quoted by Dr. Oz, quote “the miracle pill can brun fat fast for anyone who wants to lose weight. Each of the products in this formula has effective proponents that make them work together to deliver a potentate weight loss product. Dr. Oz has a great influence when it comes to natural supplement but we still need to look closely to understand if he would really turn to this product if he needed it or is it just promotion.

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